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Volunteering at Tasikoki, North Sulawesi

In March when I was travelling to Sulawesi and Singapore I visited my gf who volunteered at Tasikoki wild animal rescue centre. She was there for two months but my visit was much shorter. Altogether I spent there one week helping other volunteers, making photos and i also tried out some time-lapse techniques. You can see results here below:

This movie was shot at night at full moon. you can clearly see small fishing boats with lights sailing left and right.  Unfortunately its only 14 secs long cause Nikon’s built-in interval shooting option is quite unreliable and from time to time it just stops shooting Haven’t figured out why yet. Anyways usually I always use remote control with interval shooting…

Sunset over volcano named Two brothers which is clearly seen from Tasikoki’s view tower.

To learn more and to see more photos from Tasikoki read this article I posted at A2A website.

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  1. January 18, 2011    

    Cool video, my camera has the same problem – argh!

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