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On the Safari in East Africa – part II

Safari shots continuing. This is the second post on wildlife watching in East Africa. If you’ve missed the first one – here is the link.

The photo of the Flamingos was taken at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. This is probably the most convenient place to see these incredible birds in huge numbers. When I first saw them I was surprised. I expected elegant, gentle birds in a tranquil environment, but  came across noisy, clumsy, smelly and funny looking fellows instead. The biggest fun was to watch them chase each other around the shores of the lake. They looked like a children at play. No sign of elegance that I expected.

Another scenery from Maasai Mara NP. An idealistic image of Impalas, Zebras and a Giraffe grazing together in savanna.

Two juvenile Vervet monkeys at play. They have blue butts:) Sometimes a nuisance, but always fun to watch!

A Spotted Hyena – a rare sight at day-time. Besides Wild dogs, Hyenas are my favourite African beasts. (I prefer dogs to cats, he he…)

Common Bulbuls couple. As their name suggests they are one of the most common birds to spot around camps and lodges in East Africa.

Gnu or Wildebeest. Known as the ugliest and dumbest antelope of savanna. Don’t know about their intelligence but certainly not ugly. Funny yes, ugly no…

Classic view of the NgoroNgoro landscape. Zebras and Gnus grazing together.

A donkey in pajamas.

Elephant family marching through Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.

Baby Baboon taking the “mama” taxi.

One of my favourite wildlife shots in Africa is this one. A female Impala gazelle bitting off a young branch.

Two young elephants at play. That was an incredible sight. We were watching them for almost an hour in complete silence. Despite their size, they are incredibly gentle and caring animals.

Stripped Mongooses are always seen in big numbers. They are scouting the area for food and they rarely stop. This was one of the moments they stopped for a second when they noticed us.

Grey Crowned Crane. This one was captive at one of the lodges we stayed in Tanzania. A good opportunity for a photograph.

Saddle-billed Stork. The biggest of all storks and also one of the most beautiful ones.

And for the end an unknown animal that I’ve seen only once in East Africa. Very rare animal, probably on the verge of extinction!

More photos from East Africa are coming so get back in a week or so.

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  1. Katja's Gravatar Katja
    January 26, 2010    

    beautiful pictures as always, like an animal book! ;))))

  2. January 26, 2010    

    Ja, se kar podpišem pod Katjo.
    Lepo ujeti trenutki.
    LP Marjan

  3. stane's Gravatar stane
    January 26, 2010    

    Excellent photos nice presentation.

  4. January 26, 2010    

    Brings back my memories from that place :) Nice.
    Btw, do you have any pictures of place you stayed? (just curious)

  5. Boštjan's Gravatar Boštjan
    January 26, 2010    

    You are one very lucky man. I hope you know that, enjoy.
    Photos are fantastic.

  6. Ana's Gravatar Ana
    January 27, 2010    

    Again, my compliments. :)))
    I agree, the impala shot is great.

  7. January 27, 2010    

    Thanks for comments guys!

    @Sašo: Not many shots of the places we’ve stayed at… Was too busy photographing birds most of the time :)

    @Boštjan: I am aware of that. It is a privilege to see this part of the world, not many people have this kind of opportunity.

  8. January 28, 2010    

    Hi Luka,

    Well done on the photographs, they are absolutely brilliant thanks! :) Love East Africa, and I most definitely recommend both Kenya and Tanzania if you’re planning a safari. Here are some of the places I especially enjoyed over there:


    - Serengeti
    - Ngorongoro
    - Lake Manyara
    - Tarangire
    - Ruaha
    - Selous
    - Mikumi


    - Nairobi NP
    - Masai Mara
    - Amboseli
    - Tsavo
    - Nakuru
    - Naivasha

    By the way, found your latest photo and comment extremely funny. Don’t know if you were kidding or being serious, but the “rare animal” is in fact a domestic cat! :) Very pretty nevertheless… ;)

    Keep up the good work and all the best,


  9. February 2, 2010    

    hi Michael,

    thanks for your comment! It seems that you know East Africa really well. Selous and Ruaha are on the top of my priority list and next is Uganda and its gorillas.

    Yes, I figured out that was a domestic cat :D

  10. February 7, 2010    

    Your photos are truly inspiring. Congratulations !!!

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