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Cerknica Lake from Slivnica Mountain

Cerknica lake is a mysterious place which surprises every time a man goes there. Its water level is never the same, sometimes dry, sometimes flooded. I’ve been there many times before and I always like to come back.

This cold January morning Neja and I did a nice winter trip with Crt and Maja. We decided to climb Slivnica mountain at the foot of the lake Cerknica basin. At the top there is a mountain hut (the photo above) where you can get a warm meal and a tea with rum to get warm. A little further through the forest there is a clear area with fantastic views. With fantastic visibility we have been able to see the Julian Alps with Mt. Triglav, Karavanke range and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. To the South there were views on Nanos, Mt. Sneznik and the whole Cerknica Lake basin. Absolutely amazing!

Mt. Sneznik (1796 m) dominates views to the South.

Due to heavy rains in the last three weeks the water has flooded most of the fields.

Morning mists above the lake.

A panoramic view on lake Cerknica.

Fresh snow has fallen the night before.

Ploughing the road to the Slivnica mountain hut.

Fairytale road in winter.

Zelse church of St. Volbenk (St. Wolfgang).

And for the end a panoramic shot taken just after the sunrise. The panorama was merged from 21! shots and the original size is more than 10.000 x 4.200 px!

If you want to experience these fantastic views here are some directions how to get there. In Cerknica town locate the Slivnica sign and park the car at the nearby parking lot. There is about one hour of walking to get to the mountain hut. At first, the way will lead you through forest, but later on it will open and you will get to the pastures. In summer you will meet here a lot of stock grazing, maybe even horses. At the hut they have a great Jota (cabbage and beans stew), the manager is really friendly, but do not believe his stories about witches! And beware of the bears…

Oh, almost forgot – with the new year you can see al the photos in a bigger size than before. just click on the first photo and scroll with left/right arrow key. What do you think? Are the photos too big to watch them in bigger size?

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  1. January 5, 2010    

    Nice Luka, third photo looks awesome. And panorama looks just amazing on my 10″ netbook :-).

  2. January 5, 2010    

    Beautiful views. Cerknica is like a cameleon, always changing, always fantastic.
    Viewing photos is now easier and the size is cool.

  3. Ana's Gravatar Ana
    January 5, 2010    

    Congrats on getting up so early. ;)
    Sunrise, snow, great views, what more could you possibly want? Maybe a bear? :))) Seriously, this was an excellent photo trip.
    As for the bigger photos, they’re just the right size for a 1280×800 monitor, only the vertical ones are too small, relatively speaking?

  4. January 7, 2010    

    Thx for your comments guys! Ana, you were right, the vcertical ones are now 800 and something px…

  5. June 10, 2010    

    superb views what a beautiful scenes . thnaks

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