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Bako National Park

Last few days on Borneo we spent in Bako National Park. This is one of the smaller parks of the island, but one of the most interesting ones. It is a place where you actually do see animals, also the “furry” ones:)Bako is less than an hour drive from Kuching by public bus. In Kuching we booked a hostel accommodation for two nights packed our luggage and went to bus station. The bus ride was fun. Watching the locals talking to each other, listening loud music on their mobile phones and singing at the same time… We met fellow travellers and we agreed to share the speed boat to the park.

It was damn hot and humid, but we liked the place from the beginning. The first creature we met was this young Proboscis monkey male which was climbing the trees just nearby the park HQ.

There are many beautiful beaches in the park and if you go to more remote ones you will probably have one just for yourself.

Mudskippers are common coast dwellers in Bako. The ones at Tarakan island were much bigger than these here.

Close to park headquarters there is a beautiful Mangrove forest. This is how it looks at low tide. A lovely place to observe Proboscis monkeys and shore birds.

Mangroves at golden hour.

The soil in Bako park is not very rich and this is why there are so many Pitcher plants around. We especially liked the small ones.

Beautiful caterpillar. Imagine how beautiful must the butterfly be?

This mustached pig is a celebrity at Bako. Usually he is hanging around the restaurant waiting for some leftovers.

Macaque monkey. These charming creatures can be a real pest! They are used to people and they are always around, waiting for the right opportunity to steal some food. We saw them come in big number and they just scared away all the tourists at the restaurant eating everything that was left on the tables. Be sure to hide your food in the backpack and to lock your room and close windows tight!

Mangrove forest at high tide.

Pit Viper. This beautiful snake was hiding in a bush just behind the restaurant. It was at the same place at least for the last two months. Our new friends from Montenegro and Canada both told us for it when we met them at Gunung Mulu NP. When we arrived to Bako this was one of the first things to check out – and yes – it was still there! Amazing.

Bako was one of the most amazing places we visited in Borneo. Although it is a small park it is packed with wildlife and it has a great variety of habitats. It is best explored on your own and all you need is a map of the trails and plenty of water. It was very hot and humid while we were there and because of that it was extremely hard to hike around the park. But it was definitely worth the effort. A perfect conclusion of out trip to this fascinating island, Borneo.

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  1. October 27, 2009    

    Nice photos my friend. just awesome caterpillar. keep up…

  2. Katja's Gravatar Katja
    November 6, 2009    

    odLLLLLLLične silkce, tako kot vedno! Kdor je dober je pač dober…:P

  3. Jennifer littlechild's Gravatar Jennifer littlechild
    January 15, 2010    

    I love your photo’s, superb!! Going to Sarawak this March and hope I can take some photo’s half as good, lol. Have looked at other of your photo’s and the tour site… absolutely magnificent. Thank you! :) Definitely adding Bako to the itinerary, going to Mulu, and going up the Rejang to Belaga…so looking forward to it

    February 15, 2010    


  5. fazira's Gravatar fazira
    July 20, 2010    

    very nice photos. am thinking of going to bako national park in 2 weeks time. hopefully i could capture some nice pics too (^___^)

  6. December 29, 2010    

    I might be going down to Borneo in a few months, thanks for the inspiring post!

  7. Carol Ross's Gravatar Carol Ross
    May 16, 2011    

    Really helpful info, thanks. Couldnt decide between slogging it out trying to get to Batang Ai or taking the easier option for Bako… decision made, Bako it is!

  8. Jaime Loh's Gravatar Jaime Loh
    June 9, 2011    

    Nice photos. I’m actually from Sarawak and been to Bako when I was young. Remember the annoying monkey but didn’t see as much as you did. My family and I went to Mulu for the caves and also to watch 3 millions of bats flying out from the caves for foods, it was an amazing sight. Along the path way there are lot of animals and plants to see. Should stay at the national park and the guides are knowledgeable and friendly. If you have not been, check it out.

  9. August 10, 2011    

    I really like your work!

  10. Shinta's Gravatar Shinta
    November 21, 2011    

    I love the beautiful pictures you took.
    My friends and I are going to visit BAKO NP for a day and I read that there are several trails you can take in the National Park.
    Do you have any suggestion which trail to take?

  11. November 22, 2011    

    Hi Shinta, you can get hiking trail map at arrival to the park. Or you can ask in Kuching already if they have it. It is a simple piece of paper with sketched trails. When planning a walk keep in mind the humidity cause it will slow you down and you cannot walk as you usually can.

    Good luck!

  12. Fecia chong's Gravatar Fecia chong
    April 15, 2012    
  13. Danielle's Gravatar Danielle
    June 15, 2012    

    Hi Luka,

    Its and old post – but I am wondering about your Bako experience. I have spent some time there for research and the first photo which you don’t mention, I believe is my study species (flying dragon lizards). Could you tell me a little more about how you came to find the tiny lizard, what habitat, and what sort of tree etc.

    Anything you could remember would be most helpful!

    thanks – Danielle

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