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Niah Caves national Park

Our next destination on Borneo trip was Niah Caves National Park. We wanted to explore the caves on our own and Niah Caves are a perfect place for this. From Mulu we took the flight to Miri and the with public bus to Niah junction and there we arranged a private taxi to the park HQ.
The fascilities at Niah caves NP are weathered and not very well maintained but the staff was friendly and despite arriving late they gave us a room for the price of the hostel. Nice gesture.

Strict rules of the park:)

Most of the day we were the only visitors exploring the caves (except for the bats and swallows of course).

Entrance to the big cave.

Bird nest pickers at work.

A beam of light. If you want to catch this beautiful moment be there before noon.

Most of the time there are wooden board walks, which makes cave exploration easier, but still you get the adventure like feeling. Your own light is a must.

Bird nest collector at work. Not an easy job, climbing the bamboo poles more than twenty metres high with little or no safety precautions.

Niah caves NP was fun. Unlike Gunung Mulu NP we were here just by ourselves and we enjoyed the caves in a relaxed pace. Next day we departed toward our end destination on Borneo Kuching and the adjacent Bako National Park.

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  1. Ana's Gravatar Ana
    October 1, 2009    

    That beam of light is spectacular! Great catch.
    It’s interesting to see caves in other parts of the world, considering they are not such an unusual sight for us as there are quite a few here in Slovenia. One cave in Vietnam is lit with colorful lamps and it feels like you’re in a circus with a light show. :)

  2. April 20, 2010    

    These caves are rank amongst the most important archaeological sites of Southeast Asia. The Niah Cave is painted cave. The Niah Great Cave is located in Gunung Subis. It has a vast interior and is made of several high-ceilinged chambers. For more information visit

  3. John Bradley's Gravatar John Bradley
    August 19, 2010    

    We visited the caves about 30 years ago, driving from Brunei where I was working. Even after all this time it remains as one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. Your pictures capture it wonderfully and have made me want to go back again! Thanks.

  4. August 20, 2010    

    Thanks for your commetn John! I am glad that you’ve liked the photos and hope you can go back to Niah someday!

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