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Magnificent views from Mt. Krn

Krn is one of the most popular peaks in Julian Alps. The mountain has a distinctive shape and it towers just behind Dreznica village in Soca river valley. With its 2244m above sea level Krn offers unsurpassable views of surrounding Alps and even to the Adriatic coast.

We started our hike from Planina Kuhinja, which lies on the southern slopes of the Krn mountain. This is the quickest route to the top and it can be extremely hot if you walk in summer during the day. Usually takes around three hours to get to the top – but not if you have a photographer in a group:)

We were quite lucky because the peak was surrounded with thick fog and it was not to hot to walk.

We almost lost our way and luckily we met these funny sheep that gave us the right directions.

The downside of the fog was that we couldn’t enjoy the famous views from the peak of mt. Krn. I wanted to build another pyramid at the top and it was extremely hard task to do. How could Egyptians do it?!?

Suddenly the weather changed. The clouds dispersed and allowed us to enjoy this beautiful natural phenomenon similar to rainbow.

We quickly ascended the peak again and the views to the West were awesome!

And so were the views to the North. Triglav was still covered in clouds, but the lake Krn is clearly visible.

On the top of Mt. Krn there is a plate showing directions to all major mountain peaks in the area. The visibility was superb.

The clouds were gone, there were only occasional mists left. Nobody expected that the end of the day will be so beautiful. We returned to the hut in a good mood to have a dinner and some hot tea.

Next morning I got up at 4 am and ascended the peak again. The sky was clear, visibility even better than last evening and I was there at the top just by myself. Can you guess which mountain peak is on the photo above?

Me, waiting for the sunrise. In the distance you can see the highest peaks of Slovenia, Mangrt, Jalovec, Prisank, Skrlatica and the mighty Triglav.

Gentle sun illuminating the stone pyramids.

And finally – the sunrise!

On the way back to our car we enjoyed the company of numerous cows that were grazing in the mountain pastures. I just love the sounds of the cow-bells and the smell of the fresh air in the mountains!

This was really a lovely trip. Not too demanding and very rewarding from a photographer’s point of view.

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  1. July 29, 2009    

    perfektne fotke, sploh tiste jutranje so že kar kičaste. :)
    ampak kar trikrat na krn, …. :))

  2. July 30, 2009    

    How you deal with carrying around equipment ? Backpack?

  3. Luka Esenko's Gravatar Luka Esenko
    July 30, 2009    

    David: Yes – three times:) But it is only 10 mins walk from the shelter to the top… Thanks for your comment!

    Sašo: Usually I carry everything in my travel backpack which is big enough and all my camera stuff is additionaly in separate bags (original ones). This makes around 7-9 kilos of photographic equipment. Lately I am seriously thinking about buying a donkey to carry all this stuff for me – like during the WW1 on Isonzo front.

  4. July 30, 2009    

    Odlična serija fotk. Tudi sam sem bil pred nekaj dnevi na Krnu, točneje 20.7.09. Zgleda, da e malo manjkalo pa bi se srečala ;)

    Lp, Peter

  5. Janja's Gravatar Janja
    July 30, 2009    

    Luka, it is the Triglav on the photo above…Beautiful photos!!!

  6. Ting's Gravatar Ting
    August 5, 2009    

    hello, nice to see your blog and your photos. my name is Ting, from Malaysia and studying tourism management. I am currently doing a report for my course work about Slovenia. and of course i have no much information about this country, therefore i need some of photos to do my work. so, do u mind that i use your photos to do my homework? i am so sorry to interrupt you… ^^
    anyway, i am looking forward to your good news, thank u so much.

  7. August 21, 2009    

    Brilliant !
    There are some shots absolutely perfect.

  8. Anne Price's Gravatar Anne Price
    February 4, 2010    

    Truly wonderful pictures. I enjoyed seeing them very much. You have an interesting Blog Thank you Anne

  9. February 4, 2010    

    Im glad u like the photos Anne! Will do my best that there will be more in the future :)

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