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Prekmurje – a different Slovenia

Prekmurje region is the remotest part of Slovenia. It lies to the North-east of the country, bordering to Hungary, Croatia and Austria. I had been to Prekmurje many times, but never with my camera. This August I went to Prekmurje with an assignment to shoot photos for Tourist Information Centre of Moravske Toplice. They needed photos for their new brochures of the county and surroundings. Moravske Toplice lies in the heart of Prekmurje and the town is known for its thermal water and a Spa.
The last weekend in August was the perfect opportunity because the weather was just ideal – sunny, cloudless and not too hot. I was on the field for a day and a half and here are some photos…

Artesian well. Actually this is a replica, but you can get the idea how people were extracting water in old times. Behind it is a Linden tree – a Slovenian national tree.

Bogojina church. It was constructed by Joze Plecnik – renowned Slovenian architect.

Ripe grapes. Very sweet.

Abandoned truck which was used to transport the bee hives.

Traditional cottage. The roof is covered only with a straw.

The interior of the cottage. Note the bed – it was used by a married couple. King size:)

Friendly old man is offering the walnuts he just collected.

St. Vid chapel situated in a pleasant forest close to Bukovnica lake.

Late afternoon at Bukovnica lake(Bukovnisko jezero). Tranquil area. This is artificial lake and it is known for its energy points.

Skoriš fruit
Service tree (Skorš) is an old species of a fruit tree which is being replaced with more productive sorts like apples or pears.

Gentle evening sun has illuminated ripe grapes.

Plentifulness of Sunflower seeds.

One of the numerous wine cellars in Prekmurje.

Potter at work at Filovci village. This is a nice workshop where everyone can visit the small museum and a shop.

Colourful beehive.

Prekmurje is really a pleasant place to visit. The people are friendly, always ready to help. The food is excellent, the nature beautiful. There is not much traffic and the area is flat – ideal for cycling. In these short two days Neja and I had a great time and next year we are planing to spend at least five days or more there. Cycling around and relaxing at one of the spas.

Some more posts about Prekmurje will follow – so be back again!

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  1. September 22, 2008    

    Krasne fotke! Lepo predstavljen kon?ek Slovenije.

  2. September 22, 2008    

    Zelo dobro si ujel nas prekmurski del slovenije! Cudovite fotografije, po mojem mnenju primerne za razstavo :)
    Tudi ostali posti, kolikor sem jih uspel pogledati so super. Vredno vsakega ogleda!

  3. September 23, 2008    

    Hvala obema za komentar!

  4. September 26, 2008    

    ?udovite fotografije, lepo predstavljajo Prekmursko regijo.

  5. Dixonater's Gravatar Dixonater
    January 23, 2009    

    Prekmurje looks so serene and peaceful! I cannot wait to go there!

  6. Steve Sernek's Gravatar Steve Sernek
    March 8, 2009    

    My wife and I visited my birthplace, Prekmurje Slovenia last year and fell in love with it all over again. This is the most beautiful country in the world! Trust me.

  7. Nell Zietlow's Gravatar Nell Zietlow
    June 27, 2011    

    I am trying to locate some of my mother’s decendents. The last letter I have came from Prekmurje. I have the name of a Zoltan Zelezen. Can you help?

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