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Old Water mill on Mura River

Miller Vladimir Babic
On the way back home from Prekmurje I stopped at Verzej, a small town on the right side of the Mura river. There is one of the two water mills that are still left on the river. The one of Babic family is still operating in a traditional way and I wanted to make some photos of it. When I arrived only the miller’s wife was there and she was quite reserved. Her husband Vladimir joined us shortly and he was kind enough to take me around.

Production of flour
The production of flour. It is amazing how sophisticated this mill is, especially if you imagine that this method is centuries old!

Stored flour
The store room for flour sacks. In the bigger sacks there is wheat flour and in the smaller ones usually a buckwheat or rye flour. (Note the sign “photos forbidden”)

Wheel drive
The wheel drive. This is the only part of the mill that is still on the water. Day and night – all the time, except of the high water levels.

Vladimir inspecting his watermill
Vladimir thinking. He was really open and he told me a lot about the mill, its history and his family. He is the fourth generation owning this mill (his daughter Karmen is running the business now). His family had experienced a lot of good and bad times. I couldn’t believe, that he runs the mill for more than 60 years  already!

Detailed view of the wheel
The power o the river. A true “green” energy.

The front view of the water mill.
The sign at the entrance to the mill. “Mlin” means a mill.

Miller's cat
Every miller’s friend – a cat.

If you ever venture to Prekmurje, stop by at old Babic’s water mill! Talk to the family members and you will get a lot of interesting facts. And yes, you can buy flour there. For much more reasonable price than at the supermarkets.

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  1. September 29, 2008    

    Great report! I was there once, took a look around and bought some flour. It’s really something else than the one from supermarkets.

  2. September 30, 2008    

    Haven’t been there yet, but as I see from pictures, It’s a must thing to do :)

    Good job! (like the 6th one)


  3. Nell Zietlow's Gravatar Nell Zietlow
    May 20, 2009    

    Have never been to Slovenia. Belong to Slovenien Womens Union. Am trying to locate some relatives. Do you have a Zoltan Zelezen in your town? My mother’s name was Theresa Zelezen now deceased. Thank you for any information you could get for me.
    Nell Zietlow

  4. Nell Zietlow's Gravatar Nell Zietlow
    December 30, 2010    

    I am trying to locate Zoltan Zelezen, he would be my cousin. Can any one give me some help?

  5. Monika Filo's Gravatar Monika Filo
    May 7, 2011    

    My name is Monika Filo, My parents Ludvik Filo and my mother whose name is Marija Filo whose maiden name is zelezen….

    I was surfing the net and found you. As far as i am aware there where only really two Zelezen family who resided in slovenia. Any relation…

    My parents moved from slovenija to sydney in 1977,

    email me if desired

  6. Nell Zietlow's Gravatar Nell Zietlow
    June 27, 2011    

    Monika I would ee-mail you but you have no address posted. E-mail me as mine is posted. thank you1 Nell Zietlow

  7. Julia Ellis Burnet's Gravatar Julia Ellis Burnet
    February 2, 2012    

    I would like to use your photograph of the Mura River water mill wheel in an educational handout for Slovenian high school students. Is this possible?

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