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Cape Cross seal colony

Cape Cross seal colony is situated on the Atlantic coast of Namibia. It is around one hour and a half drive from Swakopmund. If you are arriving from Damaraland it is worth to turn north first to Cape Cross to visit the colony and then back to Swakop. This is how I visited it.

Hostile environment does not allow rich vegetation.

Cape fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) are actualy not real seals. They are species of sea lions. In Slovenian we call them sea bears (morski medvedi) – what a confusion – lions, bears, seals maybe?!? The fact that the Cape cross is their breeding area makes it even more interesting. There is a lot of puppies like the one on the photo below.

Where is my mum?
There are thousands and thousands of seals in the colony.
It is hard to imagine the noise and the smell they are causing. Their guano is actually favoured fertiliser. They export it to Europe and other overseas countries and it is also used in chemical industry.
Time to rest.
Lovely sight. Mother feeding the suckling.
Moving around on the coast or even scratching is not their strenght.
But in the water they proudly demonstrate their skills!

The visit to the colony was lovely experience. I enjoyed every minute of it although the smell is repulsive. But after a while I forgot about it and just enjoyed the company of these lovely animals. Recommended!

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  1. July 17, 2008    

    lepo. mora biti izredno doživetje videti te živali v živo. v živalskih vrtovih so v najboljšem primeru v parih.

  2. Ana's Gravatar Ana
    July 18, 2008    

    Imas prav, noro je videti to mnozico v zivo. Vonja se do danes nisem pozabila. :) In kako so tamali lustni!

  3. Adam's Gravatar Adam
    July 18, 2008    

    Hi – I work for a Namibian newspaper and your blog was googled to me. I have a question: When were you at Cape Cross. Was’t recently – when exactly? I’m currently working on a story, but I would like some (outside) comment. Please reply, and I’ll fill you in on more.

    Take care

  4. July 20, 2008    

    Brez besed, ob?utek mora biti fenomenalen.

  5. fer's Gravatar fer
    November 16, 2008    

    excellent photos . a smile from spain!

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