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Himba – the beautiful people.

What could be more beautiful than this?
I’ve returned from two week tour to Namibia. It was a great trip, Namibia is definitely one of the top countries I’ve visited until now. Its wildlife, countryside, its people! I visited also the Himba village near Opuwo. I spent about two hours with them and i can only wish it would be longer. At least a day or two.

Himba environment
Their village is situated in the pleasant surroundings of grassland and Mopane trees. It is ideal for their cattle as they have plenty of food and a shadow in hot summer days.

Himba beauty
Young Himba women are stunningly beautiful. This girl looked at me with some kind of curiosity and pride at the same time.

Young himba girl
Adolescent girl. She does not use the ochre colour yet but she already started to cultivate her hair.

Grinding red sandstone
This is how Himba women grind the red sandstone to produce ochre colour. They mix the red dust with butter and then rub it in the skin two times daily.

Shy, but nosy.
Small girl. She is even younger than the previous one. You can tell that because she has only one braid. The patches of red colour are from her mother.

The Chief of the Himba village
The chief of the Himba village. He had six wives, only four are still alive. He is obviously exhausted from tough life, but still he is firmly leading his family. This chair is his throne I would say.

Himba woman profile
A profile of Himba woman. The leather decoration on her head means she is married. She is not young anymore but still elegantly “dressed”.

Young himba girl cooking porridge
Cooking maize porridge. This is the main food for Himbas, they eat meat rarely and there is no vegetables and fruit in their diet. This young lady is going to school. Girls that go to school do not dress traditionally any more. She even speaks some basic English, so I talked to her for a while.

Breastfeeding a Himba baby
Himba mother and a child. Breastfeeding.

Is she in love?
Is she in love?

Himba teens dancing
Himba girls dancing. They performed a dance for us but they continued with vigorous dancing long after we left. They had a great fun and it was a delight to watch them whirling around with their braids flying.

Visiting Himba people is unforgettable experience and next time I go to Namibia I will definitely visit them again. And spend some more time with them.

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  1. June 10, 2008    

    Luka, krasne fotke! In vse te si naredil v dveh urah. Zares super! Afrika je resni?no prav posebno doživetje. Mene je navdušila in to predvsem zato, ker so ljudje še vedno tako zelo druga?ni in zanimivi, preprosti, a fascinantni. Verjamem, da si se imel odli?no. Tudi jaz se še kdaj vrnem na afriško celino!

  2. June 10, 2008    

    ?arobna dežela, enako velja za fotografije. Upam, da tudi sam kdaj obi?šem ta del afriške celine. Res fajn fotografije.

  3. June 11, 2008    


  4. Ivan's Gravatar Ivan
    June 11, 2008    


  5. June 11, 2008    

    V filmu RRRrrr (igrata Marina Foïs in Gérard Depardieu) je bilo eno pleme tocno takšno, rdece :).
    Cudovite slike!

  6. Marianne's Gravatar Marianne
    June 11, 2008    

    hi! i wonder if you have some more information about the Himbas food? do they eat many times a day? what else do they eat then porridge and some meat?

    -Marianne from Norway

  7. June 12, 2008    

    Marianne hi,

    as I talked to them their main diet is maize porridge. But they do eat meat once a week or sometimes two times.. But they really do not eat any vegetables or fruit, esecially fruit no. I’ve visited the school also and their lunc was – porridge.

    They usually eat two times a day, breakfast and supper.

    Hope it helps.

  8. June 14, 2008    

    This is a superb story, thank you Luka! Enlightening and beautiful, I just hope that they will preserve their culture with the increasing afflux of visitors to Namibia.

  9. June 15, 2008    

    sploh ne vem kaj naj napišem, ker sem ostala brez besed… resni?no!

    fotke so FENOMENALNE!

  10. June 16, 2008    

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and information. I truely enjoyed it.

  11. Katja's Gravatar Katja
    June 17, 2008    

    ?udovite slike, ?udoviti ljudje, ?udovita ?rna Afrika! Tista prava in tradicionalna…da še je na svetu koš?ek neokrnjene narave in tistih pravih ljudi…pozdrav?ek, Katja- saj veš katera ;-) Eni pa na tropsko Kubo v kratkem… :-)

  12. Izi's Gravatar Izi
    June 17, 2008    

    Zivjo Luka – Izi tuki, nore fotke kot smo ze navajeni od tebe, povej a bos imel kako predstavitev potovanja in ce kje in kdaj! Kako si potoval sam, ali si bil zopet vodic?! En afriski JUMBO – Izi&Vida
    ps zvrcn kej

  13. Ana's Gravatar Ana
    June 23, 2008    

    Krasne fotke! Ja, imas prav, Namibija je tudi zame ena od najljubsih držav, kar sem jih obiskala doslej. Oblezla sem kar veliko, v Himbaland pa nisem sla – vem pa, da bom ob naslednjem potovanju tja sla prav gotovo! Se enkrat – super si pofotkal!

  14. Teja's Gravatar Teja
    August 7, 2008    

    Pre?udovite fotografije! Tudi sama si zelo želim obiskati Namibijo.

  15. August 12, 2008    

    Agreed. Sensational. Now you must visit the Trobriand Islands!

  16. Desmond T's Gravatar Desmond T
    September 9, 2008    

    Thanks for the photo which is very rare, i am a costume photo collector. i need to save your photo for my own enjoyment. i will not pose or share your photo.

  17. Frank Deug's Gravatar Frank Deug
    October 12, 2008    


    It was great to have seen your photographs. They are excellent by the way. We are considering to visit Namibia an will certainly want to meet the Himba ourselves. Your site has certainly made it easier to come to a decision.


  18. BJKKL's Gravatar BJKKL
    October 15, 2008    

    nice boobs on the chicks

  19. November 3, 2008    

    Congratulations for your work.

    Can we link this page of yours dedicated to the Himba people of Namibia on ? We’d like to publish a couple of pics and a few lines describing your work and your comments on the Himba people of Namibia.

  20. Carolina's Gravatar Carolina
    November 8, 2008    

    I hope this finds you…
    I was so glad to find your beautiful work!
    I am an Emmy award winning cinematographer and going to be directing a film which includes the Himba people. I don’t know if you would be open to my using 5 or so of your images in a proposal that will be used to raise funds for the documentary. If so I also wondered if you had any images of pregnant women, as that is the heart of the subject?

    Thanks for your consideration, and congratulations on a beautiful body of work!

  21. Marsha's Gravatar Marsha
    December 28, 2008    

    what was the porridge made from? thanks for the info.

  22. mbugua kibera's Gravatar mbugua kibera
    February 26, 2009    

    nice work.
    iam a photojournalist based in kenya.

  23. Sonia's Gravatar Sonia
    March 24, 2009    

    Beautiful photos!

  24. Reza's Gravatar Reza
    March 30, 2009    

    Thank you very much for your beautiful photos.

  25. Liz's Gravatar Liz
    May 18, 2009    

    Lovely photos. I hope the Himba can find a way to preserve their culture while finding a place in today’s world. Thanks for the opportunity to see them!

  26. Afrique's Gravatar Afrique
    July 17, 2009    

    as an African i believe it is in bad state that your first picture of my African people is one zooming in and focussing on a young lady’s BUST. Are you interested in her breasts or her overall look as a representation of the HIMBA people. this is borderline EXPLOITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible.

  27. July 17, 2009    

    Afrique, do not consider this photo as an exploitation. It is about beauty and the girl I photographed didn’t mind it at all. Himbas have different culture than us and showing bare breasts is a part of it. I do not see anythig bad at showing this particular photo. What about other photos, where is also nuditiy? Are they acceptable only because there are also visible faces?

    Anyway – I tried to show Himbas in a graceful way as they deserve and so far from the feedback from others i did that.


  28. September 8, 2009    

    I developed a deep affection for the power of the Himba women. So much so I began to safe money to pursue my need and desire to find a wife among the Himba. I was nearing my goal of $3000. I was going to travel to Namibia, and go through whatever it took to become accepted by the Himba, and worthy of a wife. I was tired in the soul and mind of American women, in general, and African-American women, in particular. But my grandfather, an Ethiopian Rabbi, Ojuku insisted what I needed was here. Long story short, he was right. He led me to the place I would find my wife. That was ten years ago. I have no regrets. It was a wise moment for me to adhere to his command.

    The beauty and power of their ways, and sensuality is still mesmerizing. They rank among the most beautiful of women in this world. This beauty of theirs probably transcends the boundaries between the worlds surrounding our existence.

  29. October 4, 2009    

    Beautiful photos of a truly beautiful people. There is something very striking about the tribal hair pieces and body art they wear.

    With such obvious beauty and sensuality dripping off of them, I wonder how they manage to live day to day without constantly having sex…or maybe they do! =)

    Great job with the photography Luka!

  30. benjy's Gravatar benjy
    December 4, 2009    

    nice people if you don’t mind can you send some pics. to me

  31. ub riels's Gravatar ub riels
    December 16, 2009    


  32. mz's Gravatar mz
    January 8, 2010    

    amazing pictures of the world that people has not seen before

  33. Angel Michael's Gravatar Angel Michael
    July 27, 2010    

    A lot of these comments discuss me. All you guys see are these womans bodies. You don’t care nothing for the culture or their traditions…just more forbidden fruit. You should all go die.

  34. gregory bowrin's Gravatar gregory bowrin
    October 2, 2010    

    I was searching for pictures of Himba men and their dreadlocks. As a dreadlocks Rastafarian I am interested in indigenous Africans who wear the dreadlocks, although thanks to your pics I have seen some of the most beautiful dreadlocked women. You said that the chief had six wives, I thought that they are a monotheists?

  35. Shahinda's Gravatar Shahinda
    December 13, 2010    

    That one young lady is absolutely stunning.Their skin is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m so glad that I stumbled(upon) across this blog!
    Have you visited Egypt?

  36. Ras Tretn's Gravatar Ras Tretn
    February 9, 2011    

    Luka you pedo!!! keep the tits coming in but leave the kiddies alone.

  37. Pervert!'s Gravatar Pervert!
    April 26, 2011    

    Wow, what a pervert. Were there no Himba men? You took one measly picture from behind of the old chief and called it a day. And in another you reduced a woman to nothing but her breasts. I would love for you to zoom in on a Himba man’s penis and scrotum alone with nothing else. Disgusting. Nice to know you get your rocks off photographing African women in all their naked glory. “The beautiful people” my ass. Just come out and say “Himba – the naked women that I love to look at!”
    Save yourself the airfare next time and go to Club Cheetah – same effect. Don’t kid yourself and say you’re in it for the “art.” I’m sure you read Playboy “for the articles” too.

  38. April 27, 2011    

    Dear Pervert!,

    In the Himba village that I visited all men were out, guarding their live stock from predators. Only womena and the chieftain of the village were present. This is the reason there are mostly photos of women.

    Sorry to dissapoint you but I am not going to zoom in on Himba men and their penises. You will have to look elsewhere for this kind of photos – this is not a pornographic website. Or if I am wrong about you and you actually are offended, I advise you to turn off internet connection, your TV set and isolate yourself from the atrocities of this world.


    PS – I do not read Playboy, but I did hear that articles are good…

  39. July 5, 2011    

    I would very like to learn to be a photographer.I see it as a beautiful way to express yourself. I love your photos of the Himba peoples.
    Question: how do they do their hair like that? Its looks as so they have the clay in thier hair. Why?

  40. nonso oruche's Gravatar nonso oruche
    August 18, 2011    

    this is real african women

  41. Stan's Gravatar Stan
    October 16, 2011    

    Raven & Jim, you guys seem to have serious issues. Go get some professional help and dont litter internet with your dirty language…

  42. James Milton's Gravatar James Milton
    November 10, 2011    

    Truly beautiful people and beautiful photo’s, of the most beautiful women in the world. Looking at your photo’s allowed me to remove myself from the pornographic perversion of our modern world and capture the natural spiritual and cultural beauty nature intended us to see in women and womanhood. Sorry for the philosophical, I am overwhelmed and brought to a sense of peace by your photos. Thank you ever so much for investing the time and money to share this with the world.

  43. michael lee's Gravatar michael lee
    December 14, 2011    

    beautiful photo. may I know where this village is located at Namibia ? I am visiting next year, may be I have a chance to visit the same village as yours.

  44. skrravee's Gravatar skrravee
    March 3, 2012    

    beautiful photo. this is real african women? this is amazing pictures of the world that people has not seen before

  45. Madhu's Gravatar Madhu
    June 17, 2012    

    To respect their culture.They are right. And silent people. Please don’t attack their way, Thanks

  46. meryl's Gravatar meryl
    July 24, 2012    

    I saw a documentary on SBS last week about the Himba people, Your pictures are excellent, and the TV program was very enlightening.

  47. meryl's Gravatar meryl
    July 25, 2012    

    oops sorry it was ABC1 not SBS

  48. jitendra's Gravatar jitendra
    July 29, 2012    

    photos speak and the writing shows

  49. October 18, 2012    

    Woω, thiѕ artiсle is fastidious, mу уounger ѕіѕtеr iѕ аnalyzing
    theѕe things, thus Ι am gоіng to convey her.

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