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Sarajevo – The tunnel museum

If you ever venture to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its capital Sarajevo, you should definitely visit the Tunnel museum. It is not a museum as a man would expect, it is just a house where the famous tunnel ended (or started) during the nineties Bosnia war. The tunnel was dug during the siege of the Sarajevo, because people were surrounded by hostile forces and were unable to get food, medicine and ammunition inside the city. The tunnel was the main (and only) way in or out for three years and also the late president of BIH Alija Izetbegovic used to pass through it several times.

Sarajevo Tunnel museum - the entrance

Today the tunnel is open to the public and restored as a museum. Actually the Kolar family still owns the house and runs the museum in it. A father Bajro is the owner and his son Edis manages it. They can be very informative and Edis speaks good English. The museum is opened every day between 9am – 4pm also during the holidays. It is located close to Sarajevo airport in a district called Butmir. It is quite tricky to find it, but if you ask the locals, they will be happy to help you out.

The stairway to the tunnel.

This is how it looked like. It is reconstructed now.

Cases of ammunition.

Under disguise.

The map of the Sarajevo during the siege.

The last photo shows Sarajevo during the siege. Actually this is a map that was made for the Olympic games in 1984, which took place here in Sarajevo and surroundings. If you want to see more photos from Bosnia and Herzegovina visit my galleries at

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  1. Uros's Gravatar Uros
    September 17, 2007    

    Je kr zanimiv tale muzej, sam najbl smesn je da tist tunel na vrtu je fake tunel k so ga slovenci nardil za snemanje dokumentarca, vsi ostali tuneli so se podrl ker jih po vojni ni noben vzdrzeval. sam cisti zacetek tunela je se ostal. zanimivo je tut ce se mal pogovarjas z vodjo tunela k ma ful zanimivih zgodbic, sam se vseen je vse skupi mal pristransko se je men zdel.

  2. September 17, 2007    

    Sarajevo, ljubezen moja.

  3. September 18, 2007    

    Zanimivo. Lani, ko smo bili v Sarajevu in brezupno iskali ta muzej v okolici letalisca, ni nihce od tam stanujocih vedel, da bi ta hisa-muzej “sploh obstajala”. Zgleda, da ne marajo ravno tega obesat na veliki zvon.

  4. David Hamilton's Gravatar David Hamilton
    October 22, 2007    

    Amazing to finally see the tunnel. I was a volounteer aid worker with Edinburgh Direct Aid in1995. We would drive our lorries over the Mt Igman road, often under fire to deliver aid boxes to Hrasnica from where the boxes would be taken through the tunnel. I hope to return one day and see the tunnel and a city that has a very special place in my heart.

  5. akhtar al-sayed's Gravatar akhtar al-sayed
    August 13, 2008    

    dr sir
    my name is akhtar al-sayed fr dubai.
    i m history lover.
    ur country is beautifull.
    may god protect ur country fr devil thinkers.

  6. December 16, 2008    


    From Malaysia to visit your blog

  7. alfiler's Gravatar alfiler
    February 15, 2009    

    I spent 2 days in Sarajevo last Octuber, but didn’t have enough time as to see the Tunnel musem. Thanks a lot for your blog.

  8. March 11, 2009    

    singamaraja reading your blog

  9. Zohaib's Gravatar Zohaib
    September 1, 2009    

    dear all Assalam walikom

    i m frm Pakistan.
    i m nature lover ….ur country is like a heaven on earth….

  10. Monica's Gravatar Monica
    September 26, 2010    

    This is great place to visit. We have done our tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours ( and it was great experience.

    I really suggest everyone visiting this place to visit Tunnel Museum.

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